wiki markup cheatsheet

Creole Markup Extension:

Creole Markup Extension

bb code:

[b]this text is bold[/b]
[i]this text is italic[/i]
[u]this text is underlined[/u]
[s]this text is striked through[/s] [strike]and this too[/strike]
[tt]monospaced text[/tt]
[sub]subscript[/sub] [sup]superscript[/sup]
[color=blue]this text is blue[/color]
[size=+2]this text is two sizes larger than normal[/size]
[font=courier]this text is in the courier font[/font]
[quote]quoted text[/quote]
[code]preformatted monospaced text[/code] (no nesting of other bbCode!)
[center]this text is centered[/center]
[left]this (often an image) floats left[/left]
[right]this (often an image) floats right[/right]
  [*]item one
  [*]item two
:) :-) ☺
:( :-( ☹

Field List:

:author: Bob
:age: 12
:sex: boy


author: Bob

age: 12

sex: boy



This is a comment.
Comments can have
multi lines.

/* и */ должны быть первыми и единственными в строке, тоесть вот это:

/* This is not a comment */

нихрена не коментарий.